Hermann Hesse




Like ev'ry flower wilts, like youth is fading and turns to age, so also one's achieving: Each virtue and each wisdom needs parading in one's own time, and must not last forever. The heart must be, at each new call for leaving, prepared to part and start without the tragic, without the grief - with courage to endeavor a novel bond, a disparate connection: For each beginning bears a special magic that nurtures living and bestows protection. We'll walk from space to space in glad progression and should not cling to one as homestead for us. The cosmic spirit will not bind nor bore us; It lifts and widens us in ev'ry session: For hardly set in one of life's expanses we make it home, and apathy commences. But only he, who travels and takes chances, can break the habits' paralyzing stances. It might be, even, that the last of hours will make us once again a youthful lover: The call of life to us forever flowers... Anon, my heart: Say farewell and recover!

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