an angel

angel It was told of Abbot John the Dwarf that once he had said to his elder brother: "I want to live in the same security as the angels have, doing no work, but serving God without intermission". And casting off everything he had on, he started out into the desert. When a week had gone by he returned to his brother. And while he was knocking on the door, his brother called out before opening, and asked: "Who are you?"" He replied: "I am John". Then his brother answered and said: "John has become an angel and is no longer among men". But John kept knocking and said : "It is I". Still the brother did not open, but kept him waiting. Finally, opening the door, he said: "If you are a man, you are going to have to start working again in order to live. But if you are an angel, why do you want to come into a cell"? So John did penance and said: Forgive me, brother, for I have sinned.

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