how to know the truth

as told by Osho

One professor of Jerusalem university went to see Jesus. Of course, he went in the night. His name was Nicodemus; he was a very rich, respectable man, a great scholar, well known in the Jewish world. He was afraid to go to Jesus in the daylight, because what will people think? He was known to be a great, learned man, wise — what will they think? That he has gone to this carpenter’s son to ask something? He was older than Jesus — could almost have been Jesus’ father. No, it was not possible for him to go in the daylight. Cunning and clever, he went in the night when there was nobody else. fear And Jesus asked him, "Why didn’t you come in the day?" He said, "I was afraid." Jesus must have laughed. He said, "Nicodemus, for what have you come? What do you want of me?" He said, "I would like to know how I can know God, how I can know the truth." Jesus said, "You will have to be reborn." Nicodemus could not understand. Jokingly he said, "What do you mean? Have I to enter again into a woman’s womb? Are you joking or something? Are you kidding or something?" Jesus said, "No, I mean it — I mean what I say. You have to be reborn. You are such a coward. This is not life. You don’t have any courage. You will have to be reborn! You will have to become a new man, because only that new man can come to truth and realize it. Even to see me you have come in the night. How will you be able to go and see the truth? How will you encounter God? You will have to go naked. You will have to go in deep humility. You will have to drop all your respectability, all your scholarship. You will have to drop your ego — that’s what to be reborn means."

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