Jacques Prevert

this love

This love So violent So fragile So tender So hopeless This love Beautiful as the day And bad as the weather When the weather is bad This love so true This love so beautiful So happy So joyous And so pathetic Trembling with fear like a child in the dark And so sure of itself Like a tranquil man in the middle of the night This love that made others afraid That made them speak That made them go pale This love intently watched Because we intently watch it Run down hurt trampled finished denied forgotten Because we ran it down hurt it trampled it finished it denied it forgot it This whole entire love Still so lively And so sunny It's yours It's mine That which has been This always new thing And which hasn't changed As true as a plant As trembling as a bird As warm as live as summer We can both of us Come and go We can forget And then go back to sleep Wake up suffer grow old Go back to sleep again Awake smile and laugh And feel younger Our love stays there Stubborn as an ass Lively as desire Cruel as memory Foolish as regrets Tender as remembrance Cold as marble Beautiful as day Fragile as a child It watches us, smiling And it speaks to us without saying a word And me I listen to it, trembling And I cry out I cry out for you I cry out for me I beg you For you for me for all who love each other And who loved each other Yes I cry out to it For you for me and for all the others That I don't know Stay there There where you are There where you were in the past Stay there Don't move Don't go away We who loved each other We've forgotten you Don't forget us We had only you on the earth Don't let us become cold Always so much farther away And anywhere Give us a sign of life Much later on a dark night In the forest of memory Appear suddenly Hold your hand out to us And save us

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