Mirza Ghalib

night, and i had wine

Rivals get to sip from goblets in her company, thirsty for even a message I'm destined to be. Why should I complain to you for my sorry state, this the mischief of the sky that decides my fate. Blank letters I will write to you, it is all the same, because I am a lover, dear, of your very name. Night, and I had wine, and then, come down, stains in my holy cloak I washed, till they all were gone. Your eyes ensnared this heart of mine, how can one forget, these eyes of yours too are the stands of your beaut's net. News of the king's restorative bath is in the air, let's see when the fortunes of the bath-house now repair. Ghalib, a worhless person, this love has made of me, otherwise a man of substance I onece used to be.

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