Mirza Ghalib

restless again this heart is found

Restless again this heart is found, my breast now seeks a deeper wound. Again nails my liver lacerate, red tulips soon will be in spate. Towards the goal are eyes now keen, again the curtain is between. Eyes: broker of wares of disgrace, heart: buyer with zest to abase. Again hundred hues of sad lament, and hundred fold are tears spent. My heart in hope of graceful gait, is doomsday's ferment incarnate. Again beauty's airs are on display, life is the price you pay today. Dying for that faithless one again, my life, the same, does then remain. Doors of her court open again, her lover's lawsuit are amain. Heart's pieces file a claim once more, plaint and lament is here galore. Love's witnesses are in demand, tears need be shed is the command. Suit tween her lashes and my heart, will again be heard today from start. Your stupor's not of cause devoid, there's something that want to hide.

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