Mirza Ghalib

to be human, is no easy feat

It's difficult that every goal be easily complete, for a man, too, to be human, is no easy feat. My tears seek destruction of my humble abode, my hearth and home relentlessly does wilderness erode. Such is desirer's lunacy, I constantly repair, to her street, even tho it leads me to despair. Beauty does yet seek behold the favour of a glance, the lustre of the mirror seeks to be a lash perchance. Ask not the delight of those for martyrdom who wait, unsheathing of the sword for them is cause to celebrate. With me into dust I took the scars of hopes forlorn, now in your splendour joyously the garden you adorn. When the heart is wounded does its ecstasy exalt, fortitude is filled with joy when wounds are dipped in salt. After she had slain me then from torture she forswore, alas! the one now quickly shamed was not so before. Ghalib alas! That piece of cloth for whom destiny has ordained a fate that it, a lover's collar be.

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