Mir Taqi Mir


Pardon me my friends - I am in a drunken stupor, give me just an empty cup, now if you serve me more. Just a drop or two in every round you should now pour, fill not my goblet to the brim, I should drink no more. Drunkenness makes my speech incoherent today, as I'm not in my senses, say what you wish to say. Either hold me by your hand as like a glass you would, or else walk with me a while lest stumble, fall I should. I am helpless that my feet don't tread in a proper way, do not be annoyed with me I've had too much today. Friday prayers won't run away, they can surely wait, I shall come, hold on a while, I'm in a drunken state. Miirji the frailty of your temperament is truly such, brush not my lips like a cup for I've drunk too much.

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