Mir Taqi Mir

i will not live without you

I came chanting as a mendicant, and bestowed a blessing, be content. I will not live without you, I did say lo, now I fulfill that vow today. No cure was there in my fate's intent, even gifted healers tried and went. In the end such tasks did there present helpless and heartbroken that I went. Pray, what object was it, for whose sake? Everything my heart chose to forsake. Lest I might cast a despairing glance, you passed by me looking askance. In your lane Oh! How I wished to stay, so there, bathed in blood, I made my way. Self-forgetful your sight made me be, from my very self you parted me. Head bowed, constantly, without a fuss, call of love's worship was answered thus. I worshipped you, Idol, to such degree that you, as God, would every person see. Flowers strewn in every shape and hue, in life's garden as I did pass through. I never saw the pain of friends, thanks be! Display my scars, passed on quietly. Life I spent in thoughts of poetry and raised this art to such degree. "What did you do Miir in your earthly stay?" If I were asked, what can I ever say?

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