Allen Ginsberg

Ballad Of The Skeletons

Said the Presidential Skeleton I won't sign the bill Said the Speaker skeleton Yes you will Said the Representative Skeleton I object Said the Supreme Court skeleton Whaddya expect Said the Miltary skeleton Buy Star Bombs Said the Upperclass Skeleton Starve unmarried moms Said the Yahoo Skeleton Stop dirty art Said the Right Wing skeleton Forget about yr heart Said the Gnostic Skeleton The Human Form's divine Said the Moral Majority skeleton No it's not it's mine Said the Buddha Skeleton Compassion is wealth Said the Corporate skeleton It's bad for your health Said the Old Christ skeleton Care for the Poor Said the Son of God skeleton AIDS needs cure Said the Homophobe skeleton Gay folk suck Said the Heritage Policy skeleton Blacks're outa luck Said the Macho skeleton Women in their place Said the Fundamentalist skeleton Increase human race Said the Right-to-Life skeleton Foetus has a soul Said Pro Choice skeleton Shove it up your hole Said the Downsized skeleton Robots got my job Said the Tough-on-Crime skeleton Tear gas the mob Said the Governor skeleton Cut school lunch Said the Mayor skeleton Eat the budget crunch Said the Neo Conservative skeleton Homeless off the street! Said the Free Market skeleton Use 'em up for meat Said the Think Tank skeleton Free Market's the way Said the Saving & Loan skeleton Make the State pay Said the Chrysler skeleton Pay for you & me Said the Nuke Power skeleton & me & me & me Said the Ecologic skeleton Keep Skies blue Said the Multinational skeleton What's it worth to you? Said the NAFTA skeleton Get rich, Free Trade, Said the Maquiladora skeleton Sweat shops, low paid Said the rich GATT skeleton One world, high tech Said the Underclass skeleton Get it in the neck Said the World Bank skeleton Cut down your trees Said the I.M.F. skeleton Buy American cheese Said the Underdeveloped skeleton We want rice Said Developed Nations' skeleton Sell your bones for dice Said the Ayatollah skeleton Die writer die Said Joe Stalin's skeleton That's no lie Said the Middle Kingdom skeleton We swallowed Tibet Said the Dalai Lama skeleton Indigestion's whatcha get Said the World Chorus skeleton That's their fate Said the U.S.A. skeleton Gotta save Kuwait Said the Petrochemical skeleton Roar Bombers roar! Said the Psychedelic skeleton Smoke a dinosaur Said Nancy's skeleton Just say No Said the Rasta skeleton Blow Nancy Blow Said Demagogue skeleton Don't smoke Pot Said Alcoholic skeleton Let your liver rot Said the Junkie skeleton Can't we get a fix? Said the Big Brother skeleton Jail the dirty pricks Said the Mirror skeleton Hey good looking Said the Electric Chair skeleton Hey what's cooking? Said the Talkshow skeleton Fuck you in the face Said the Family Values skeleton My family values mace Said the NY Times skeleton That's not fit to print Said the CIA skeleton Cantcha take a hint? Said the Network skeleton Believe my lies Said the Advertising skeleton Don't get wise! Said the Media skeleton Believe you me Said the Couch-potato skeleton What me worry? Said the TV skeleton Eat sound bites Said the Newscast skeleton That's all Goodnight

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