Allen Ginsberg

A Crazy Spiritual

A faithful youth with articial legs drove his jalopy through the towns of Texas. He got sent out of the Free Hospital of Galveston, madtown on the Gulf of Mexico after he recovered. They gave him a car and a black mongrel; name was Weakness. He was a thin kid with golden hair and a frail body on wire thighs, who never traveled and drove northward timid on the highway going about twenty. I hitched a hike and showed him the road. I got o at Small Town and stole his dog. He tried to drive away, but lost control, rode on the pavement near a garage, and smashed his doors and fenders on trees and parked cars, and came to a halt. The Marshal came, stopping everything pulled him out of the wreck cursing. I watched it all from the lunch cart, holding the dog with a frayed rope. “I’m on my own from the crazyhouse. Has anybody seen my Weakness?” What are they saying? “Call up the FBI. Crazy, ha? What is he a fairy? He must do funny things with women, we bet he * * * them in the * * *.” Poor child meanwhile collapsed on the ground with innocent expression is trying to get up. Along came a Justice of the Supreme Court, barreling through town in a blue limousine. He stopped by the crowd to nd out the story, got out on his pegleg with an angry smile. “Don’t you see he has no legs? That’s you fools what crazy means.” He picked the boy up o the ground. The dog ran to them from the lunch cart. He put them both in the back seat of his car and stood in the square hymning at the crowd: “Rock rock rock for the tension of the people of this country rock rock rock for the craziness of the people of America tension is a rock and god will rock our rock craziness is a rock and god will rock our rock Lord we shall all be sweet again.” He showed his wooden leg to the boy, saying: “I promise to drive you home through America.”

Paterson, April 1952
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