Allen Ginsberg

Crossing Nation

Under silver wing San Francisco's towers sprouting thru thin gas clouds, Tamalpais black-breasted above Pacific azure Berkeley hills pine-covered below- Dr Leary in his brown house scribing Independence Declaration typewriter at window silver panorama in natural eyeball- Sacramento valley rivercourse's Chinese dragonflames licking green flats north-hazed State Capitol metallic rubble, dry checkered fields to Sierras- past Reno, Pyramid Lake's blue Altar, pure water in Nevada sands' brown wasteland scratched by tires Jerry Rubin arrested! Beaten, jailed, coccyx broken- Leary out of action- 'a public menace... persons of tender years...immature judgement...pyschiatric examination...' i.e. Shut up or Else Loonybin or Slam Leroi on bum gun rap, $7,000 lawyer fees, years' negotiations- SPOCK GUILTY headlined temporary, Joan Baez' paramour husband Dave Harris to Gaol Dylan silent on politics, & safe- having a baby, a man- Cleaver shot at, jail'd, maddened, parole revoked, Vietnam War flesh-heap grows higher, blood splashing down the mountains of bodies on to Cholon's sidewalks- Blond boys in airplane seats fed technicolor Murderers advance w/ Death-chords Earplugs in, steak on plastic served- Eyes up to the Image- What do I have to lose if America falls? my body? my neck? my personality?

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