Allen Ginsberg

War Profit Litany

To Ezra Pound

These are the names of the companies that have made money from this war nineteenhundredsixtyeight Annodomini fourthousand eighty Hebraic These are the Corporations who have profited by merchan- dising skinburning phosphorous or shells fragmented to thousands of fleshpiercing needles and here listed money millions gained by each combine for manufacture and here are gains numbered, index'd swelling a decade, set in order, here named the Fathers in office in these industries, tele- phones directing finance, names of directors, makers of fates, and the names of the stockholders of these destined Aggregates, and here are the names of their ambassadors to the Capital, representatives to legislature, those who sit drinking in hotel lobbies to persuade, and separate listed, those who drop Amphetamine with military, gossip, argue, and persuade suggesting policy naming language proposing strategy, this done for fee as ambassadors to Pentagon, consul- tants to military, paid by their industry: and these are the names of the generals & captains mili- tary, who know thus work for war goods manufactur- ers; and above these, listed, the names of the banks, combines, investment trusts that control these industries: and these are the names of the newspapers owned by these banks and these are the names of the airstations owned by these combines; and these are the numbers of thousands of citizens em- ployed by these businesses named; and the beginning of this accounting is 1958 and the end 1968, that static be contained in orderly mind, coherent and definite, and the first form of this litany begun first day December 1967 furthers this poem of these States.

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