Banjo Paterson

Gone Down

To the voters of Glen Innes 'twas O'Sullivan that went, To secure the country vote for Mister Hay. So he told 'em what he'd borrowed, and he told 'em what he'd spent, Though extravagance had blown it all away. Said he, "Vote for Hay, my hearties, and wherever we may roam We will borrow, undismayed by Fortune's frown!" When he got his little banjo, and he sang them "Home, Sweet Home!" Why, it made a blessed horse fall down. Then he summoned his supporters, and went spouting through the bush, To assure them that he'd build them roads galore, If he could but borrow something from the "Plutocratic Push", Though he knew they wouldn't lend him any more. With his Coolangatta Croesus, who was posing for the day As a Friend of Labour, just brought up from town: When the Democratic Keystone told the workers, "Vote for Hay", Then another blessed horse fell down! When the polling day was over, and the promising was done -- The promises that never would be kept -- Then O'Sullivan came homeward at the sinking of the sun, To the Ministerial Bench he slowly crept. When his colleagues said, "Who won it? Is our banner waving high? Has the Ministry retained Glen Innes Town?" Then the great man hesitated, and responded with a sigh -- "There's another blessed seat gone down!"

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