Federico Garcia Lorca

Double Poem of lake Eden

Our cattle graze, the wind breathes - Garcilaso

It was my ancient voice ignorant of thick bitter juices. I sense it lapping my feet beneath the fragile wet ferns. Ay, ancient voice of my love, ay, voice of my truth, ay, voice of my open flank, when all the roses flowed from my tongue and grass knew nothing of horses' impassive teeth! Here are you drinking my blood, drinking my tedious childhood mood, while in the wind my eyes are bludgeoned by aluminum and drunken voices. Let me pass the gates where Eve eats ants and Adam seeds dazzled fish. Let me return, manikins with horns, to the grove where I stretch and leap with joy. I know a rite so secret it requires an old rusty pin and I know the horror of open eyes on a plate's concrete surface. But I want neither world nor dream, nor divine voice, I want my freedom, my human love in the darkest corner of breeze that no oen wants. My human love! Those hounds of the sea chase each other and the wind spies on careless tree trunks. Oh ancient voice, burn with your tongue this voice of tin and talc! I long to weep because I want to, as the children cry in the last row, because I'm not man, nor poet, nor leaf, but only a wounded pulse circling the things of the other side I want to cry out speaking my name, rose, child and fir-tree beside this lake, to speak my truth as a man of blood slay in myself teh tricks and turns of the word. No, no. I'm not asking, I, desire, voice, my freedom that laps my hands. In the labyrinth of screens it's my nakedness receives the moon of punishment and the ash-drowned clock. Thus I was speaking. Thus I was speaking with Saturn stopped the trains, when the fod and Dream and Death were seeking me. Seeking me where the cows, with tiny pages' feet, bellow and where my body floats between opposing fulcrums.

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