Federico Garcia Lorca

Norm and Paradise of the Blacks

They hate the shadow of the bird over the high water of the white cheek and the conflict of light and wind in the salon of the cold snow. They hate the bodiless arrow, the precise handkerchief's farewell, the needle that keeps the pressure and the rose in the cereal blush of the smile. They love the blue desert, the swaying bovine expressions, the lying moon of the poles, the water's curved dance at the shore. With the science of tree trunk and street market they fill the clay with luminous nerves and lewdly skate on waters and sands tasting the bitter freshness of their millennial spit. It's through the crackling blue, blue without worm or a sleeping footprint, where the ostrich eggs remain eternal and the dancing rains wander untouched. It's through the blue without history, blue of a night without fear of day, blue where the balls of the wind goes splitting the sleepwalking camels of the empty clouds. It's there where the torsos dream under the gluttony of grass. There the corals soak the ink's despair, the sleepers erase their profiles under the skein of snails and the space of the dance remains over the final ashes.

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