Federico Garcia Lorca

Fable and Round of the Three Friends

Enrique, Emilio, Lorenzo, the three of them frozen: Enrique by the world of beds; Emilio by the world of eyes and wounded hands; Lorenzo by the world of roofless universities. Lorenzo, Emilio, Enrique, the three of them burned: Lorenzo by the world of leaves and billiard balls; Emilio by the world of blood and white pins; Enrique by the world of the dead and abandoned newspapers. Lorenzo, Emilio, Enrique, the three of them buried: Lorenzo in one of Flora's breasts; Emilio in the dead gin forgotten in the glass; Enrique in the ant, the sea, and the empty eyes of birds. Lorenzo, Emilio, Enrique, the three in my hands were three Chinese mountains, three shadows of a horse, three landscapes of snow and a cabin of white lilies by the pigeon coops where the moon lies flat under the rooster. One and one and one, the three of them mummified, with the flies of winter, with the inkwells the dog pisses and the thistle despises, with the breeze that freezes the eart of all the mothers, by the white ruins of Jupiter where drunks snack on death. Three and two and one, I saw them disappear, crying and singing into a hen's egg, into the night that showed its skeleton of tobacco, into my sorrow full of faces and piercing bone splinters of moon, into my happiness of whips and notched wheels, into my breast troubled by pigeons, into my deserted death with one mistaken wanderer. I had killed the fifth moon and the fans and the applause drank water from the fountains. Hidden away, the warm milk of newborn girls, shook the roses with a long white sorrow. Enrique, Emilio, Lorenzo, Diana is hard, but somtimes she has breasts of clouds. The white stone can beat in the blood of a deer and the deer can dream through the eyes of a horse. When the pure forms sank under the cri cri of daisies I understood they had murdered me. They searched the cafés and the graveyards and churches, they opened the wine casks and wardrobes, they destroyed three skeletons to pull out their gold teeth. Still they couldn't fine me. They couldn't? No. They couldn't. But they learned the sixth moon fled against the torrent, and the sea remembered, suddenly, the names of all her drowned.

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