Federico Garcia Lorca

Little Viennese Waltz

In Vienna there are ten little girls, a shoulder for death to cry on, and a forest of dried pigeons. There is a fragment of tomorrow in the museum of winter frost. There is a thousand-windowed dance hall. Ay, ay, ay, ay! Take this close-mouthed waltz. Little waltz, little waltz, little waltz, of itself of death, and of brandy that dips its tail in the sea. I love you, I love you, I love you, with the armchair and the book of death, down the melancholy hallway, in the iris' darkened garret. Ay, ay, ay, ay! Take this broken-waisted waltz. In Vienna there are four mirrors in which your mouth and the echoes play. There is a death for piano that paints little boys blue. There are beggars on the roof. There are fresh garlands of tears. Ay, ay, ay, ay! Take this waltz that dies in my arms. Because I love you, I love you, my love, in the attic wherethe children play, dreaming ancient lights of Hungary through the noise, the balmy afternoon, seeing sheep and irises of snow through teh dark silence of your forehead. Ay, ay, ay, ay! Take this "I will always love you" waltz. In Vienna I will dance with you in a costume with a river's head. See how the hyacinths line my banks! I will leave my mouth between your legs, my soul in photographs and lilies, and in the dark wake of your footsteps, my love, my love, I will have to leave violin and grave, the waltzing ribbons.

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