Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Old Home Calls

Come back to me, little dancing feet that roam the wide world o'er, I long for the lilt of your flying steps in my silent rooms once more; Come back to me, little voices gay with laughter and with song, Come back, little hearts beating high with hopes, I have missed and mourned you long. My roses bloom in my garden walks all sweet and wet with the dew, My lights shine down on the long hill road the waning twilights through, The swallows flutter about my eaves as in the years of old, And close about me their steadfast arms the lisping pine trees fold. But I weary for you at morn and eve, O, children of my love, Come back to me from your pilgrim ways, from the seas and plains ye rove, Come over the meadows and up the lane to my door set open wide, And sit ye down where the red light shines from my welcoming fireside. I keep for you all your childhood dreams, your gladness and delights, The joy of days in the sun and rain, the sleep of carefree nights, All the sweet faiths ye have lost and sought again shall be your own, Darlings, come to my empty heart­I am old and still and alone!

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