five things to say

The wakened lover speaks directly to the beloved: "You are the sky my spirit circles in The love inside of love, the resurrection-place. Let this window be your ear. I have lost consciousness many times With longing for your listening silence And your life-quickening smile. You give attention to the smallest matters My suspicious doubts, and to the greatest You know my coins are counterfeit But you accept them anyway My impudence and my pretending! I have five things to say, five fingers to give into your grace. First, when I was apart from you this world did not exist nor any other. Second, whatever I was looking for was always you. Third, why did I ever learn to count to three? Fourth, my cornfield is burning! Fifth, this finger stands for Rabia* and this is for someone else. Is there a difference? Are these words or tears? Is weeping speech? What shall I do, my love?" So he speaks, and everyone around begins to cry with him, laughing crazily moaning in the spreading union of lover and beloved. This is the true religion. All others are thrown-away bandages beside it. This is the sema* of slavery and mastery of dancing together. This is not-being. Neither words, nor any natural fact can express this. I know these dancers day and night I sing their songs in this phenomenal cage My soul, don't try to answer now! Find a friend, and hide. But what can stay hidden? Love's secret is always lifting its head out from under the covers: "Here I am!"

Rabia - The woman mystic from Basra who said that a love for God should not come out of fear or hope but in response to the beauty in the heart. She once sat indoors with her eyes closed on a lovely spring morning to teach that external magnificence is only a reflection of inner kindness and generosity, and that is divine grace. Sema - The deep listening of the ecstatic turning.
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