I’ve Come Again

i’ve come again like a new year to crash the gate of this old prison i’ve come again to break the teeth and claws of this man-eating monster we call life i’ve come again to puncture the glory of the cosmos who mercilessly destroys humans i am the falcon hunting down the birds of black omen before their flights i gave my word at the outset to give my life with no qualms i pray to the Lord to break my back before i break my word how do you dare to let someone like me intoxicated with love enter your house you must know better if i enter i’ll break all this and destroy all that if the sheriff arrives i’ll throw the wine in his face if your gatekeeper pulls my hand i’ll break his arm if the heavens don’t go round to my heart’s desire i’ll crush its wheels and pull out its roots you have set up a colourful table calling it life and asked me to your feast but punish me if i enjoy myself what tyranny is this

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