Charles Baudelaire

The Cat Superbe

Come, superb cat, to my amorous heart; Hold back the talons of your paws, Let me gaze into your beautiful eyes Of metal and agate. When my fingers leisurely caress you, Your head and your elastic back, And when my hand tingles with the pleasure Of feeling your electric body, In spirit I see my woman. Her gaze Like your own, amiable beast, Profound and cold, cuts and cleaves like a dart, And, from her head down to her feet, A subtle air, a dangerous perfume Floats about her dusky body. Translated by - William Aggeler The Cat My beautiful cat, come onto my heart full of love; Hold back the claws of your paw, And let me plunge into your adorable eyes Mixed with metal and agate. When my fingers lazily fondle Your head and your elastic back, And my hand gets drunk with the pleasure Of feeling your electric body, I see in spirit my personal lady. Her glance, Like yours, dear creature, Deep and cold, slits and splits like a dart, And from her feet to her head, A subtle atmosphere, a dangerous perfume, Swim around her brown body. Translated by - Geoffrey Wagner The Cat Come, my fine cat, against my loving heart; Sheathe your sharp claws, and settle. And let my eyes into your pupils dart Where agate sparks with metal. Now while my fingertips caress at leisure Your head and wiry curves, And that my hand's elated with the pleasure Of your electric nerves, I think about my woman - how her glances Like yours, dear beast, deep-down And cold, can cut and wound one as with lances; Then, too, she has that vagrant And subtle air of danger that makes fragrant Her body, lithe and brown. Translated by - Roy Campbell

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