Charles Bukowski

Close To Greatness

At one stage in my life I met a man who claimed to have visited Pound at St. Elizabeth's. Then I met a woman who not only claimed to have visited E.P. but also to have made love to him. She even showed me certain sections in the Cantos where Ezra was supposed to have mentioned her. So there was this man and this woman, and the woman told me that Pound had never mentioned a visit from this man, and the man claimed that the lady had had nothing to do with the master, that she was a charlatan and since I wasn't a Poundian scholar I didn't know who to believe, but one thing I do know: when a man is living many claim relationships that are hardly so and after he dies, well, then it's everybody's party. My guess is that Pound knew neither the lady or the gentleman or if he knew one or if he knew both it was a shameful waste of madhouse time.

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