Charles Bukowski

My Friend, The Parking Lot Attendant

He's a dandy, Small mustache, Usually sucking on a cigar, He tends to lean into cars as he transacts business. First time I met him, he said, "Hey! Ya gonna make a killin'?" "Maybe," I answered. Next meeting, it was: "Hey, Ramrod! What's happening?" "Very little," I told him. Next time, I had my girlfriend with me, And he just grinned. The next time, I was alone. "Hey," he asked, "where's the young chick?" "I left her at homeā€¦." "Bullshit! I'll bet she dumped you!" And the next time, he really leaned into the car: "What's a guy like you doing driving a BMW! I'll bet you inherited your money; you didn't get this car with your brains!" "How'd you guess?" I answered. That was some weeks ago. I haven't seen him lately. Fellow like that, chances are he just moved on to better things.

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