Charles Bukowski

Like A Flower In The Rain

I cut the middle fingernail of the middle finger right hand real short and I began rubbing along her cunt as she sat upright in bed spreading lotion over her arms face and breasts after bathing. Then she lit a cigarette: "don't let this put you off," an smoked and continued to rub the lotion on. I continued to rub the cunt. "You want an apple?" I asked. "Sure, she said, "you got one?" But I got to her - she began to twist then she rolled on her side, she was getting wet and open like a flower in the rain. Then she rolled on her stomach and her most beautiful ass looked up at me and I reached under and got the cunt again. She reached around and got my cock, she rolled and twisted, I mounted my face falling into the mass of red hair that overflowed from her head and my flattened cock entered into the miracle. Later we joked about the lotion and the cigarette and the apple. Then I went out and got some chicken and shrimp and french fries and buns and mashed potatoes and gravy and cole slaw, and we ate. She told me how good she felt and I told her how good I felt and we ate the chicken and the shrimp and the french fries and the buns and the mashed potatoes and the gravy and the cole slaw too.

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