E. E. Cummings

Of Ever-ever Land I Speak

(of Ever-Ever Land i speak sweet morons gather roun' who does not dare to stand or sit may take it lying down) down with the human soul and anything else uncanned for everyone carries canopeners in Ever-Ever Land (for Ever-Ever Land is a place that's as simple as simple can be and was built that way on purpose by simple people like we) down with hell and heaven and all the religious fuss infinity pleased our parents one inch looks good to us (and Ever-Ever Land is a place that's measured and safe and known where it's lucky to be unlucky and the hitler lies down with the cohn) down above all with love and everything perverse or which makes some feel more better when all ought to feel less worse (but only sameness is normal in Ever-Ever Land for a bad cigar is a woman but a gland is only a gland)

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