E. E. Cummings


listen beloved i dreamed it appeared that you thought to escape me and became a great lily atilt on insolent waters but i was aware of fragrance and i came riding upon a horse of porphyry into the waters i rode down the red horse shrieking from splintering foam caught you clutched you upon my mouth listen beloved i dreamed in my dream you had desire to thwart me and became a little bird and hid in a tree of tall marble from a great way i distinguished singing and i came riding upon a scarlet sunset trampling the night easily from the shocked impossible tower i caught you strained you broke you upon my blood listen beloved i dreamed i thought you would have deceived me and became a star in the kingdom of heaven through day and space i saw you close your eyes and i came riding upon a thousand crimson years arched with agony i reined them in tottering before the throne and as they shied at the automaton moon from the transplendant hand of sombre god i picked you as an apple is picked by the little peasants for their girls

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