E. E. Cummings

I Will Be

i will be M o ving in the Street of her bodyfee 1 inga ro undMe the traffic of lovely;muscles-sinke x p i r i n    g S uddeni Y         totouch the curvedship of Her- ….kiss      her:hands will play on,mE as dea d tunes OR s-crap p-y lea Ves flut te rin g from Hideous trees or Maybe Mandolins 1 oo k- pigeons fly ingand whee(:are,SpRiN,k,LiNg an in-stant with sunLight then)!- ing all go BlacK wh-eel-ing oh ver mYveRylitTle street where you will come, at twi li ght s(oon & there’s a             m oo )n.

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