E. E. Cummings


Who threw the silver dollar up into the tree? I didn’t said the little lady who sews and grows every day paler-paler she sits sewing and grow- ing and that’s the truth, who threw the ripe melon into the tree?you got me said the smoke who runs the elevator but I bet two bits come seven come eleven mm make the world safe for democracy it never fails and that’s a fact; who threw the bunch of violets into the tree?I dunno said the silver dog,    with ripe eyes and wagged his tail that’s the god’s own and the moon kissed the little lady on her paler-paler face and said never mind,you’ll find But the moon creeped into the pink hand of the smoke that shook the ivories and she said said She Win and you won’t be sorry   And The Moon camelalong-along to the waggy silver dog and the moon came and the Moon said into his Ripe Eyes and the moon Smiled ,so

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