E. E. Cummings


n(o)w the how dis(appeared cleverly)world iS Slapped:with;liGhtninG ! at which(shal)lpounceupcrackw(ill)jumps of THuNdeRB loSSo!M iN -visiblya mongban(gedfrag- ment ssky?wha tm)eani ngl(essNessUn rolli)ngl yS troll s(who leO v erd)oma insCol Lide.!high n , o ;w: theraIncomIng o all the roofs roar drownInsound( & (we(are like)dead )Whoshout(Ghost)atOne(voiceless)O ther or im) pos sib(ly as leep) But l!ook- s U n:starT birDs(IEAp)Openi ng t hing ; s( -sing )all are aLI(cry alL See)o(ver All)Th(e grEEn ?eartH)N,ew

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