Alexander Pushkin


O dreams, my dreams, Where is your sweetness? Where are you, Joy of nightly fleetness? They’re gone away – My fancies, gay, And now alone In darkness grown I, sleepless, stay. A mute night hovers My bed above In a flash lone Turned cool and gone Dreams of my love, Like a tense crowd. But still heart beats The longings’ sound And catches bits Of dreams around. Love, hear my plea, Hark to my prayer: Send back to me Your visions, fair, And by morn sky, Again enchanted, Let... Let me die Still unawaken’d. Translated by Yevgeny Bonver Awakening Dreams, dreams, Where is your sweetness? Where, O where The joy of night? It disappeared My happy dream, And now alone In deep darkness I am awakened. A silent night Surrounds my bed. Suddenly cold, Instantly gone, Lost in a crowd, My dreams of love. The soul, yet full Of dreams' desires, Yearns to seize The memories. Love, love, O' hear my cry: Send once more to me Your visions. And in the morning, Entranced anew, Let me die Unawakened. Translated by Dimitri Derkatch

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