Alexander Pushkin

Old man

I’m not that lover, filled with passion, — That youth, who left the world amazed: Alas, my spring and summer passed now, And didn’t leave a single trace. Cupid, the god of youth and love and virtue! I used to be your steadfast servant; Oh, if I could be reborn, — I’d serve you Even more passionate and fervent! Translated by Andrey Kneller Old man I am no more the ardent lover Who caused the world such vast amaze: My spring is past, my summer over, And dead the fires of other days. Oh, Eros, god of youth! your servant Was loyal — that you will avow. Could I be born again this moment, Ah, with what zest I'd serve you now! Translated by Babette Deutsch Old man I am no more that passioned lover, Once the world's most marvelous face: My spring and wondrous golden summer Forever gone without a trace. Oh Cupid, god of days of yore! I was your faithful servant then; If only to be born once more, Oh how I'd serve you yet again! Translated by Christopher Alan Tessone

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