Alexander Pushkin

The Bacchic Song

Why hushed you, O, gaiety’s voice? Resound, the hymns of the Bacchus! Long live they, who ever had loved us -- The beautiful women and sweet, gentle girls! Let glasses be full with wines’ gold! To bottom, that rings, The sacred gold rings Let fall through the wine, sweet and cold. Raise higher your glasses and move them right now! Long live airy muses, and brightness of brow! You, hallowed sun, flare on! Like this icon-lamp is a-paling In light of the growing dawn, So all false sagacity’s dimming and failing By great endless sun of the mind. Long live holy sun, and let dark die behind. Translated by Yevgeny Bonver Bacchanal Song Why, revelry's voice, are you still? Ring out, songs of Bacchus, our patron! Long life to you, maiden and matron, Ye fair ones who gave of your love with a will! Drink, friend, drink with gusto and relish! As I do in mine, In your glass of wine Fling lightly the ring that you cherish! Come, let's clink our glasses and high let us raise them! Hail, muses! Hail, reason! In song let us praise them! Thou, bright sun of genius, shine on! Like this ancient lamp that grows dimmer And fades with the coming of dawn, So false wisdom pales at the first flash and glimmer Of true wisdom's ne'er-fading light... Live, radiant day! Perish, darkness and night! Translated by Irina Zheleznova

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