Alexander Pushkin

The Curious

‘Well, what is new?’ – ‘I swear nothing else.’ – ‘Hey, don’t cheat me; for sure, something you know. It is a shame, that from your mate, the best, You hide the things, as from a hardened foe. Or are you cross: then why, my dear friend? Just say a word; don’t play a stubborn role …’ – ‘Oh, go away, I only know that You are a fool and it isn’t new, in whole. Translated by Yevgeny Bonver The Curious — What’s new? “I tell you, nothing whatsoever.” — Don’t fool with me: you’re hiding it, I know. Oh, don’t you feel ashamed? you think you’re clever To hide the news from me like from a foe? Oh, tell me, brother, why? Inform me, I insist! Don’t be so stubborn, give me just a clue... “Oh, let me be, the only thing I know is this — That you’re a fool, but that is nothing new.” Translated by Andrey Kneller

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