Alexander Pushkin


Extinguished gaiety of years, which sunk in madness, Presses on me like a hangover restless. But in my soul, foregoing pine Becomes through time still stronger, like a wine. My way is sad. Predicts me toile and woe – The sea of future in a wrath and row. But, oh, my friends, I do not want to die; I want to live for reasoning and trial; I know, it will come – my satisfaction Amidst the troubles, grieves and agitation: Sometimes I’ll sink in harmony again, Or wet my thought with tears of joy and pain. And maybe, else, to my nightfall, in darkness Will love smile farewell with her former brightness. Translated by Yevgeny Bonver An Elegy The senseless years' extinguished mirth and laughter Oppress me like some hazy morning-after. But sadness of days past, as alcohol — The more it age, the stronger grip the soul. My course is dull. The future's troubled ocean Forebodes me toil, misfortune and commotion. But no, my friends, I do not wish to leave; I'd rather live, to ponder and to grieve — And I shall have my share of delectation Amid all care, distress and agitation: Time and again I'll savor harmony, Melt into tears about some fantasy, And on my sad decline, to ease affliction, May love yet show her smile of valediction.

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