Alexander Pushkin


It is last time in cozy isolation, Lares of ours are hearing my verse. My dear brother of Lyceum's years, I share with you the trice of separation. They're gone the years of attraction -- The times of faithful friendship's bands. Farewell, my pal, enlivened; Don't separate yourself, my friend, From Freedom and from Heaven! Cognize the love, that I don't know else, The love of hopes, and delights and pleasure, And days of yours, by flight of dreams in azure, Let soar in a happy peaceful place. Farewell! And where I'm chanced to be: amidst a field of action, Or in the peaceful field of my beloved land, I trust to friendship to my end. And let, if fate will grant my exhortation, Let will be happy every your good friend! Translated by Yevgeny Bonver

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