Alexander Pushkin

When Your So Young and Fairy Years

When your so young and fairy years Are smeared by the gossip’s noise, And by the high word’s trial, fierce, Your public honor’s fully lost; Alone midst indifferent crowds, I share with you your soul’s pains, And just for you my prayers, loud, Are send to idols, void of sense. But the high world … His accusations, How cruel they are, he’d ne’er take back: He doesn’t root out the blind transgressions, But bids to hide the sinful tracks. They’re worth of quite the same aversion – His secret and so vain-full love, And hypocritical damnation: Try to forget the whole stuff. Don’t drink the poison, outrageous; Leave that high circle, bright and close; Leave crazy merriments and pleasures: You still have one good friend of yours. Translated by Yevgeny Bonver

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