Alexander Pushkin

My Used Ignorance

My used ignorance--in an instant Was shaken by the demon's hand, And he combined my poor existence With his existence to the end. His evil eyes became my own, I gain poor treasure of the worlds, My heart was beating in a tone With indistinguishable words. I'd looked at all with look that's clear, And I was shocked by what I'd seen; Whether such world could once appear As great and beautiful to me? What, a young dreamer, looked you for In such a world, with utter fervor, For whom, with all your heart before, You were not shamed to pray forever? And I looked at the people, else: The 'judges' of the lowest level -- So cruel, lofty, biased, base -- The fools that always drift to evil. Before these ever-frightened hosts, So vain, and cold, and full of vengeance, The voice of truth is simply lost, And helpless -- knowledge of the ages. You're right, the ever-witty nations, A call for freedom is asleep! Herds needn't freedom's innovations, They have to be just cut and stripped, Their heritage for generations -- The yoke with joker's bells and whip. Translated by Yevgeny Bonver

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