Alexander Pushkin

I Will Be Silent Soon

I will be silent soon! But if in days of mire I ever answered was by thoughtful play of lyre; But if the silent youths, who understood me right, Were marveling to years of my poor love's infliction; But, just, if you yourself, in sweetest disposition, The stanza, doleful, was whispering at night And liked the voice, with which my heart itself discovers, But if, o Lord, I'm loved -- let me, my dear friend, Oh let me animate my lyre at the end By a sacred name of one who was the best of lovers! When I'll forever fall into the deadly dream, Above my dismal urn, say with a good intention: I loved this poor man, and I had breathed in him His song's and love's the latest inspiration. Translated by Yevgeny Bonver I will be silenced soon! I will be silenced soon!.. If on the tragic day, The strings would pensively begin to play; If adolescents, sitting quietly, immersed, Began to marvel at my passion’s madness; If only you, surrendering to sadness, In silence mumbled melancholy verse And loved the way my ardent heart had flamed... If I’m still loved... allow me, my dear friend, To re-awake the lyre with my hand And make it ring out with my lover’s name!.. The day I find eternal rest, you’ll pause Over my grave and say with trepidation: “I used to loved him, and with that I caused His songs and love, — his final inspiration. Translated by Andrey Kneller

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