Alexander Pushkin

For Shores Of Home

For shores of home, so sweet but distant, You were to leave the alien place; The hour was sad and instant, And tears were running on my face. With chilly hands, with bitter passion, I vainly tried to keep you up; The awful pain of separation I prayed you to not interrupt. But you, from the distressing kissing, Betook away your gentle lips, From lands of sad exile and missing You called me for another sweeps. You told me, "In a day of meeting, Under the sky that ever blue, In shade of olive-trees the kissing We shall, my friend, begin anew." But there, alas!, where sky grew hotter And bluer in a sunny beam, Where olive-trees cast shade on water, You lay asleep with your last dream. Your beauty, suffering, your anguish Had vanished in the gravest urn; With them, the promised kiss had vanished ... Still I am waiting for your turn ... Translated by Yevgeny Bonver For distant shores of homeland For distant shores of homeland You left this alien land; In that never-forgotten hour, that time of grief I wept long before you. With hands turned to ice I tried to keep you with me; My cries begged you to postpone The dreadful anguish of parting. But from my bitter kisses You wrenched away your lips; And from this gloomy exile You bade me to another land. You said: ‘That day we meet again Under skies forever blue, Shaded by olive trees, our love With kisses we’ll renew.’ But there, alas, where heaven’s arch Shines down its brilliant blue, Where waters murmur below the cliffs You sleep eternal rest. Your beauty and your suffering Have vanished in the grave, With them the long-awaited greeting kiss... Yet still I wait, I hold you to your promise! Translated by Anthony Phillips

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