Sergei Yesenin

Blue Homeland Of Firdausi

Blue homeland of Firdausi, You'll keep the memory warm Of that kind fellow from Russia Whose gaze had a pensive charm, Blue homeland of Firdausi. I know you're beautiful, Persia. Like lanterns your roses shine, Their supple freshness murmurs To me of that far land of mine. I know you're beautiful, Persia. I drink for the last time today Scents heady as country beer. For the very last time I'll hear Your voice when farewell we say To each other, dear Shaganeh. But can I forget you ever? As round the world I go About you I'll be telling Both friends and folk I scarce know. I shall not forget you ever. For your fate no fear I feel, But a song about Russia I leave For you, in case things go wrong: When you sing it, just think of me And I'll respond with a song.

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