Sergei Yesenin

Don't You Look At Me So

Don't you look at me so reproachfully. I do not bear malice to you, but I like your appearance awfully and your seeming modesty, too. Yes, you seem to be openhearted, and I'd rather be glad to see how a fox pretending departed catches crows like you want to catch me. Try to catch me, I won't be daunted mind, you don't have your ardour restrained! Many girls of your kind have haunted stumbling over my heart that waned. It's not you that I love, my dearie, you're only an echo, a shade, I imagine a different girlie, oh so beautiful blue-eyed maid! Though she isn't so humble-looking and appears to be rather cool, her majestic manner of walking has rekindled the depth of my soul. She's a girl that cannot be cheated, not withstanding your will she'll entice, whereas you can't be possibly fitted in my heart with embellished lies. Though I scorn you, yet like a layman I will shyly and openly say: If there weren't any hell and heaven man would think something up anyway.

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