Sergei Yesenin

Consume Yourself With Others Pleas

Consume yourself with others' pleas - I'm left to my devices, thinking Of glassy smoke of tresses' tease, Autumnal weary eyelids blinking. Oh, autumn comes! And it for me than youth and summer is more precious. But doubly pleasing you're to me, The poet's thoughts your gust refreshes. I truly never lie at all, And therefore to the voice alluring I'm able with bravado's drawl To say this rascal's now maturing. It's time to get away from here With naughty and rebellious daring, My heart's already sipped the beer - A draft that tempers bloody flaring. September's come again somehow, On window's knocked the crimson willow To see if I'd be ready now For unassuming season's billow. I tolerate a lot of things Without coercion or destruction. It seems that Russia changes rings, Its graves and huts face reconstruction. And looking all around I see In all my sundry times and places That, sister, you alone can be The one who poet friendship graces. Grown up at last and steady now, To you alone I might be able To sing of twilit roads and how Now left behind is life unstable.

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