Sergei Yesenin

Years Of My Unruly Youth, Notorious And Noisy

Years of my unruly youth, notorious and noisy, I myself have poisoned you with а bitter poison. Whether I'll die soon or later on I've no idea. Eyes that once were blue as blue, now so pale appear. Joy, where are you? AII is dark - grief and pain I suffer. Are you in the fields? Or tavern, maybe? There is nothing. I put out my hand and from sounds alone I gather". Off we drive... а sleigh... deep snow... through а wood we gallop. Hey there, driver ! Go full tilt! You've got guts, I'II wager. On such rutted tracks do not grudge your soul а shaking. All the driver says is this: "You're in serious trouble If your horse sweats in а snowstorm, going at the double." "Driver, you're а coward! Going slow is not our habit!" I myself took up the whip and let the horses have it! Like the wind the horses flew, miles flew by unnoticed. Then а sudden jolt... and I landed in а snowdrift. Opening my eyes I saw that the sleigh had vanished, In а hospital bed I lay with my head all bandaged. And instead of horses three, down the highway dashing, With а blood-red dressing my iron bed I'm lashing. On my watch the hands are twisted, their moustaches curling. Bending low to peer at me stand the sleepy nurses. "Listen, goldilocks ! " they say, "you're too wild and noisy, You're to blame for your own ruin, drinking bitter "Whether you shall die or live we have not а notion. It's in taverns your blue eyes poison. got their thorough soaking".

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