Sergei Yesenin

Falling Leaves, Falling Leaves

Falling leaves, falling leaves, And the wind's moan Drawn out long and dull. Who will rejoice my heart? Who will calm my heart, my friend? With the burdened centuries I stare and stare at the moon. And again the cockerels crow Into the strange stillness. Hour before dawn. Blue. Early, Blessings of falling stars. You'd guess some wish - But I don't know what to wish for. What's to wish for under this life's burden, This accursed lot and home ? I wish, I wish a beautiful girl Would pass by under my window With cornflower eyes for me And me alone, And no one else - One who would soothe my heart and soul With new words and new feelings. And welcoming happiness Under the white moonlight, I should not melt over songs, Be too much moved, And with someone's else's happy youth, Should not regret my own.

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