Sergei Yesenin

Blue Is The Fog, The Expanse Is Snow-bound

Blue is the fog, the expanse is snow-bound, Fine is the beam of the moon that shines. Isn't it nice to be sitting around, Thinking about the bygone times?! Down by the porch is the snow thawing out. Just like to-night, by the moonlight, alone, Putting my cap on, the wrong way about, I ran away, on the sly, from my home. Now I am back in my land, oh so dear, Some have forgotten me? Others have not? Just like a man in disgrace I am here Outside my house with a garden plot. Squeezing my fur cap, a dismal newcomer, Somehow I don't like this sable at all. Now I remember my granddad and grandma, Friable snow in the graveyard and all. All had calmed down , for "we all would be there", And no use to try to put back the clock. That is the reason so much I care So much I love them, my country folk. I nearly burst out crying. I pondered. And , forcing a smile, I stood in a fog, Was it the very last time, I wondered That I saw this house, this porch, and this dog?

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