Sergei Yesenin

Indescribable Blueness And Gentleness

Indescribable blueness and gentleness... Land so calm after thunder and gale. In my heart, like a plain that is endless, Scent of honey and rose I inhale. I am hushed. Time has done what it had to. But no cUrses I heap on the past. It's as if through the country a frantic Wild troika of horses had passed. Raising dust everywhere. Leaving hoofmarks. Then vanishing swift as a squall. And now in my forest seclusion I hear even leaves as they fall. A jingle of bells? Or an echo? With a mind at ease all this I heed. Pause, heart, we have taken together The storm-ridden path fate decreed. We shall in due course find our bearings In life which has changed such a lot. We'll forgive the hard words, the upbraiding Given us, whether well-earned or not. While accepting what happened, what didn't, Now I'm thirty I sorely regret That in youth I was not more exacting, But drank hard, my cares to forget. But even a young oak, unseeded, Like grass in the field, can bend too... O youth ever headstrong and seething, A goldilocks madcap are you!

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