Sergei Yesenin

It's A Hoax, With Enchanting Anguish

It's a hoax, with enchanting anguish, That's why life is strong, and full of gloom: Often, with its rough hand, in harsh language, Life sends notes, exclaiming, "You are doomed!" Every time I close my eyes, I'm saying: "Only make my heart somewhat alert. Life is fake, though some lies and pain, When adorned with joys, get less absurd. Face the gray-haired sky, whose life ain't ending, Prophesize your future with the moon, Just calm down. You're mortal. Quit demanding, You don't need to know the truth so soon." Living through a snowstorm from bird cherries, It's so nice to think that this is fate: May my lightweight ladies dupe, not caring, May I by light male friends be betrayed. May I be caressed by words of tender, May there speak some razor-edged, vile tongue, I'll accept whatever life will render, Mercilessly used to all its wrongs. These bright heights are making my heart colder, Warmth from starlight fires one can't detect: Those, whom I had loved, renounced or sold me, Those, for whom I'd lived, won't recollect. Yet, though I've been pressed and persecuted, I keep smiling, happy with each dawn. Love for this dear Earth cannot be muted. I thank life for all that's going on.

Translated by Dmitriy Belyanin
Dmitriy BM January 07. 2024

Thank you for sharing this poem! However, please also mention the name of the translator of the poem from Russian - Dmitriy Belyanin for this one. The same goes for other translations by other authors you post.

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