Sergei Yesenin

spring and love that lasts

Oh, what a night! I cannot sleep. The sky is moonlit. Well, I never! It seems that I in my heart I keep the youth that has been gone for ever. My friend of frosted bygone years, don't call a game love and affection, I'd rather have the moonlight rays flow down upon my habitation. And looking down from above let it depict my features here, you cannot fall out of love just like you couldn't love me, dear. We only love just once, you know, so you are alien to me, strangely, just like a lime tree, foot in snow, is trying to attract us, vainly. I know it well, you know it, too, what we can see at this late hour is frost and snow appearing blue and not the splendour of a flower. We'we had our love, our time and day each having someone to admire, and now we're fated anyway to play affection, love, desire. Come now, caress me, hold me tight, kiss me with hot, pretended fervour, and may I dream about the light of spring and love that lasts forever.

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