Sergei Yesenin

Son Of A Bitch

From the darkness the years flow out Rustling noisily like a chamomile field. There's a dog in my memory now, She was my friend since I was kid. Now the ardor of youth has turned quiet Like the maple by my window turned stale, I remember a girl dressed in white And a dog that delivered her mail. Many lovers' hearts keep on breaking, But to me she was like a song, For my notes she'd never taken That I sent with the dog for so long. No, my letters she'd never open, And my handwriting she'd always shun, But she'd stand as if for something hoping By the guelder rose near the pond. I was tortured... I wanted to know... Couldn't wait for an answer... Went away... Years have passed... Now a famous poet Here I am by my native gates. The old dog had died long ago, But with the same tint of blue in his fur And that crazed bark I so well know Her young son now reminds me of her. Dear God! Such a perfect resemblance! And to my soul returns the old pain Of those younger days' hurtful remembrance-- I could write those notes again. This old song would again please my ear, But don't bark, friend, don't bark in this way, If you wish, I'll kiss you, come here, For there's joy in my heart like in May. I'll kiss you, I'll hug you so tight, To my home I'll go with you, Yes, I once liked a girl dressed in white, Now the one that I love wears blue.

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